To Place an item on the Agenda

Meetings of the City Council will follow a standard Agenda. To place an item on the Agenda, the following procedures should be used:

Placing Item on City Council Agenda: The applicant should file a written request with the City Administrator at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting. The request should include the name, address, and telephone number of the person or persons making the request; a statement describing the action the applicant wishes the City Council to take and background information outlining the reasons for the request.  The City Administrator shall enter the item on the City Council Agenda in a work summary adequate to alert the public as to the nature of the matter to be discussed. The City Administrator may refuse to place the matter on the Agenda for a variety of reasons including lack of ability to summarize request, repetitive request in short time period, or other. The Administrator will respond in writing to applicant as to the reasoning. 

No action will be taken on any item not considered a part of the Agenda on the same day it is presented unless action is considered necessary by a majority of the Board.