City Hall Facility Assessment

1-16-2024 City Hall Design Rendering

Welcome to the City of Breezy Point's Facility Assessment and City Hall Design webpage. Below you will find an outline of the history surrounding this project alongside relevant documentation produced by City Staff and Contractors. If you have comments or questions regarding this project, please fill out a contact form below.

City Hall Facility Assessment

The City Hall Facility Assessment project began in 2022 when City Administrator Chanski identified that the City had no facility maintenance plan. After conducting walkthroughs of City Hall, the Public Safety Building (PSB), and Public Works Maintenance Building, Building Official Scott Sadusky identified numerous Building Code deficiencies as well as serious accessibility and maintenance concerns in City Hall. Additionally, the staff space in City Hall was identified as maxed out, disruptive, and generally dysfunctional for current and future operations. City Administrator Chanski then brought these concerns before the City Council who authorized a facility assessment to be conducted. A quote from Widseth (the City's Engineer), who also conducted the Community Center Feasibility Study in 2021, was obtained and approved during the City Council meeting on December 5, 2022. The cost of the project was also included in the 2023 Budget, which was adopted at the same meeting.

During the City Council meeting on January 3, 2023, Lindsey Kriens, the facility assessment project manager with Widseth, presented the assessment process to the newly elected City Council, and the project officially commenced later that month. The final facility assessment report was issued to the City in early May 2023.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the City Council held a workshop to receive a presentation on the City Hall Facility Assessment report and begin reviewing options for improving City Hall. While no official action was taken during the workshop, the City Council directed staff to begin collecting public comment and input on the proposals developed by the City's contractor Widseth. Furthermore, the City Council requested that staff obtain a funding analysis from BakerTilly, the City's municipal advisors on the options to remodel and expand the existing city hall and construct a brand new city hall.

Project Phase Documentation:

City Hall Remodel or New Build Analysis

In June 2023, staff created a project display in the entry of City Hall, which has been maintained and updated throughout the process, and an open house on the project was conducted on Wednesday, June 14. During the open house, staff presented the result of the facility assessment and toured members of the public through the facility. Public comments were received from that meeting and processed over the next several days ahead of a formal report to the City Council. 

During a workshop on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, the City Council received the funding analysis from BakerTilly, and further discussed whether to remodel the existing city hall or construct a new one. Ultimately, the City Council chose to move forward with the design of a new city hall building. The City Council felt that remodeling and expanding the exist city hall had significant draw backs including but not limited to relocation of staff during construction, relocation and the elimination of video recordings of public meeting during construction, elimination of community room and library use during construction (which would have significant effects on the three elections that will occur in 2024), and unforeseen issues that always arise during a remodel project. The Council felt that these draw backs outweighed any potential cost benefits a remodel and expansion may have. Additionally, a newly constructed building would outlast a remodeled one. 

Project Phase Documentation:

New City Hall Schematic Design

Following the August 1 workshop, the City Council formally accepted a proposal from Widseth and voted to move ahead with the schematic design of a new city hall during the City Council meeting on August 8, 2023. The schematic design included office space, council chambers, and several "add alternate" additions to be considered in upcoming meetings. Additional items under consideration include a community room, library, fitness center, gymnasium, and indoor pool. These elements were considered by the Council during the August 1 workshop.

The City Council received the schematic design of the proposed new city hall during a workshop on Tuesday, October 17. During the workshop, the City Council thoroughly discussed every element of the proposed building. Ultimately, the City Council felt that the City should continue into the formal design of the proposed building with the inclusion of the proposed library and community room spaces. While the community center elements (pool, gymnasium, and fitness center) would not be pursued, the Council was in agreement that the proposed new city hall would be built in a manner to allow the additional of a community center in the future. 

Project Phase Documentation

New City Hall Final Design

On Monday, November 6, 2023, the City Council approved a proposal from Widseth for final design of a new city hall building. The final design includes a main level and basement with office space, city council chamber, community room, and library space. Additionally, the City Council approved a letter of intent from Hy-Tec Construction, selecting them as the City's construction contractor for the project should the City Council ultimately authorize the construction of the proposed building. Hy-Tec Construction was selected through the Gordian process, further details of which can be found in the documentation below. Finally, the City Council selected two members to serve as part of the City Hall Design Team and directed staff to host a Design Open House for the new City Hall building when information becomes available.

On Monday, November 27, 2023, a second open house on city hall was conducted. Some 50 residents attended as well as the majority of the City Council. During the workshop, City Administrator Chanski spent approximately 45 minutes walking attendees through the entire process starting with the identification of a need for a facility assessment and ending with the City Council's direction to move forward with final design of a new building. Following his presentation, he spent a further 75 minutes answering attendees' questions about the proposed building, the development process, and project funding. 

Following the open house on November 27, the City Council further discussed the city hall project during the City Council meeting on December 4, 2023. After discussion, the City Council scheduled a workshop and public open house for Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at 5:00pm to receive the final design of the proposed city hall building and take public comment.

Project Phase Documentation:

Consideration of City Hall Remodel & Expansion

At the February 5, 2024, City Council meeting, the Council further discussed the proposed design for a new city hall that was presented at the January workshop and open house. Ultimately, the Council decided to directed Widseth and the Design Team to develop a design for a remodel and expansion of the existing city hall to be presented at the March 2024 council meeting. Additionally, they requested that the Design Team modify the proposed new build design to include community center elements such as a fitness center and gymnasium. The Council will then decided whether to build a the previously proposed new city hall, a new city hall with community center elements, or remodel and expand the existing city hall. 

There are 3 city hall concepts for consideration by the City Council on March 4. The first is the design that was presented at the January 27 workshop. The second is a slightly redesigned new city hall that includes a fitness center and optional gymnasium. The third is a remodel & expansion of the existing city hall with optional gymnasium. At the March 4 meeting, the City Council is expected to decide which option to move forward with construction document development and bidding.

Project Phase Documentation:

Throughout this process, City Staff have used the City's social media accounts (Facebook and Nextdoor), press releases, the City Hall digital sign, and the City's website (including this project page) to further communicate project updates.