Property Information

Property Assessment Search Requests

Assessment searches are provided by email request. The cost is $5.00 per property.  Included in this cost are Pending or Deferred Assessment Detail (City Level Only), Zoning Information, Current or Future Road and /or Utility Improvements, and Municipal Sewer Billing Information. For Certified or Levied amounts against property or payoff information, please contact Crow Wing County Auditor's Office at 218-824-1000.

The results of your search request along with a billing invoice will be faxed or emailed to you, usually the same day and are due upon receipt. Please include your company name, a contact name and a billing address when submitting your request. If you do not receive your search results within 24 hours, please call our office at:  218-562-4441.

Please provide the following for each property:

  • Property Address (if issued or known)

  • Taxpayer Name

  • Legal Description

  • Property ID#

Email your request to: deputyclerk [at]