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Dispatch Phone Number: (218) 829-4749

Emergency Phone Number: 9-1-1

Breezy Point Police Department

Breezy Point was historically a vacation spot that has evolved into a community that includes Eagle View Elementary School.

The 15+ square miles and 130 miles of road provide a significant area for the departments six full-time officers to patrol.

The 2010 population was at 2,346 people. The population is estimated to exceed 5,000 people during a busy weekend.

In partnership with North Memorial Ambulance the Breezy Point Police Department has two trained paramedics on staff capable of providing early advanced life support with a supply of drugs and medical equipment not normally available until an ambulance arrives. This is the only partnership of this type in Minnesota and the only police paramedic program in out state Minnesota.

While you are in Breezy Point you are also being served by a dedicated volunteer North Crow Wing 1st Responder team. They will respond should you experience a medical emergency and provide quality care until the ambulance arrives.

The city is served by the Pequot Lakes Fire Department and includes a satellite station maintained at Breezy Point Public Safety Building.

The Department also contracts 20 hours patrol per week to the nearby citizens of Pelican Township.

The department provides quality service with equipment that includes an ATV with tracks and cardiac defibrillators in each squad. Watch for the radar trailer to be set up at various locations and check the speed of your vehicle.

The city maintains two civil defense sirens. One is located at the entrance to Eagle View Elementary School and the second is on Co Rd 11 at Alpine Drive. These will be tested at 1:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month and otherwise activated for civil defense emergencies only. They are only designed to be an OUTDOOR warning. They may not wake you up especially in a modern well insulated home with an air conditioner running.  We strongly recommend that you purchase a National Weather Service weather alert radio for your home. These radios can be programmed to sound an alarm when threatening weather approaches and are programmable to eliminate alerts that do not apply to you. You may also be alerted to civil defense issues via the established Emergency Alert System on radio and television broadcasts.

The Breezy Point Police Department does not trade patches.

You can help in the fight against crime by reporting information about crimes to Crime Stoppers of Minnesota.  Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is organized as a separate and independent organization from law enforcement for the purpose of gathering information that may not be otherwise available to them but can then help in their investigations.

Crime Stoppers Website

Breezy Point Police Department
8361 County Road 11
Breezy Point, MN 56472
United States

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