History of Breezy Point

City Rescue Ranger Vehicle Picture

The roaring 20’s made the area around Pelican Lake popular and Breezy Point is rumored to have had its share of speakeasies and gambling. This even included escape tunnels to hide from the raids of federal agents or the possible retaliation of a rival gangster.

As the area grew it became incorporated as a village in 1939. With the growth, the citizens wanted law and order and in 1948 Denny Gustafson was elected Justice of the Peace, a position that carried some police powers.

Eventually the village appointed a town Marshall as the council minutes for August 5, 1963 assures that Marshall Jack Musselman had the council backing in all his duties. A relationship had begun between the council and law enforcement that remains to this day.

As time passed the old west style of law enforcement faded and in the 60’s the village began modernizing by purchasing a 120-watt police car radio for $785. A significant expenditure at that time and a statement that they were and still are committed to a quality, professional department. May 16, 1969 began what is now recognized as a modern police department with John Miller as the first full-time police officer.

In the summer of 2005 the department moved into the new Breezy Point Public Safety building that included a satellite station for the Pequot Lakes Fire Department. The building includes training and breath testing rooms.  Our evidence lab greatly improves the ability to properly process and store evidence that technological advances have made possible.  State mandates are now complied with giving the department direct access to computer databases.

The department strives to attract valuable training with the addition of a modern training room that has  technology designed into the room. The department squad cars are now equipped with mobile data terminals (MDC) which allow for direct access to state and national databases. This greatly increases the productivity and safety of the officers.