1-2-2024: Jerry Bohnsack Letter to Community

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To the City of Breezy Point,

Twelve years ago, Breezy Point City Administrator Rudberg asked me to help out with Breezy Point Planning and Zoning issues. I anticipated that this would be a temporary arrangement until such time that other staffing could be arranged.

I quickly learned that the City of Breezy Point is a very unique community, a community that has grown around lakes and a resort. A community that is geographically very large (12+) square miles, mostly wooded, 2 large lakes, several small lakes, miles of roads, and diverse topography. A predominantly residential community evolving from seasonal residences to full time residences.

I have really enjoyed my time with the City.

The most fulfilling part has been getting to know the folks of the community and trying to help them with their concerns and ideas.

People make a community and Breezy Point has great people.

It has been my honor to serve your community. Best of luck in the Future.


Jerry Bohnsack