Short Term Rental Licensing

Short Term Rental Applications need to be completed with all required attachments and returned to City Hall for review. Applications can be brought into City Hall directly or mailed to our main office for processing. Please note, the City is not able to process debit or credit transactions at this time. Once your application has been processed you will be notified of an approval to operate or denial based upon the information provided. Depending upon the size of the property and information provided, this process may take several days.

If you are seeking further information on a specific licensed property please see the Short Term Rental Listing provided below. If you would like to file a complaint regarding a licensed property we encourage residents to call the associated Property Manager Phone Number provided in the section below.

If your concern has an immediate public safety risk please call the City of Breezy Point Police Department non-emergency line at (218) 562-4488. For any other questions or concerns please call (218) 562-4441 or email the Assistant City Administrator, Daniel Eick, at deick [at]

Rental Address
Property Manager
Property Manager Phone
Property Manager Email
Brad & Shelly Smith29907 Blackbird LaneBrad or Shelly
Peace Property Holdings LLC32594 Northwoods LaneDan
Timothy Doolin30926 N. Lakeview Dr.Debbie
Jared Hackenmueller30436 N. Lakeview Dr.Jared Hackenmueller763-670-7052 or
Jared Hackenmueller8961 Weavers Point RoadJared Hackenmueller763-670-7052 or
Anthony & Jaime Grant29308 Country Road 4Anthony
Barbara Jean Pflugi Estate30866 N. Lakeview DrJosh
Ryan & Kelsey Amundson30291 N Birchwood DrRyan or Kelsey 
Randall Discher29776 Lakeshore DrRandall
Ryan Fakler8425 Dove StRyan
Heidi Burgstaler30746 N Lakeview DrHeidi
Todd & Mara Lundquist30313 Pinewood Dr.Todd
Todd & Mara Lundquist30493 Airport RoadTodd
Angela Lacey8904 Breezy Point BlvdAngela
Jackie Dissing30912 N Lakeview DrJackie
Vince & Angela Scrudato29832 Lakeshore DrRobert Whitman651-335-0799 or
Todd Nickell & Lorna Sawatzky29459 Shoreview LaneLorna
Darrin Schmidt8314 Eagle LaneDavid
Darrin Schmidt8302 Eagle LaneDavid
Northern Escapes Group LLC30307 N Pinewood DrCarissa Wright or Thomas Johnson218-821-1908 or
Ryan & Amanda DeYounge30422 N. Lakeview DrAmy
Loretta Hillier29730 Shoreview LaneLoretta
Loretta Hillier29736 Shoreview LaneLoretta
Angel Zuehl8790 Breezy Point DrAngel Zuehl763-957-2272 or
Tom & Mandi Hinson30838 N Lakeview DrTom or Mandi Hinson218-821-7593 or
Aaron Jacobson & Jenny Rutherford11146 Old Co. Rd. 39Aaron
Jeff & Lindsay Balmer30710 Airport RdJeff or Lindsay Balmer218-831-0854 or
Joseph Martinson29700 Lakeshore DrAmie
Jennifer Johnson30325 N Pinewood DrJennifer Johnson612-730-2541 or
Alan Weber8056 Thrane DrAlan
Monique & Chris Kolb32738 Northwoods LaneDavid
Scott & Lynn Vee8931 North DrScott or Lynn Vee612-819-4368 or 
Tarah Wolf8445 Sparrow DrTerri Wolf404-709-1875 or
Elly Volkers30314 N. Pinewood DrElly
Michelle Rife8559 Wren DriveDaren
Channel Breeze LLC8950 Breezy Point DrDennis
TIC Investments, LLC30368 N Lakeview DrBen Von
Dave & Kerry Werlinger30595 Airport RdDave or Kerry Werlinger320-761-9848 or