clark gable

In the roaring 20’s Breezy Point became popular when Captain Billy Fawcett started Breezy Point Resort. The resort was a destination for many including Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. As the resort grew, the surrounding area grew as well and incorporated as the Village of Pelican Lakes in 1939 covering over fifteen square miles. The name change to City of Breezy Point is owed to a misplaced order of furniture. Because of the confusion of having a town named Pelican Lakes on Pelican Lake next to Pelican Township, a load of furniture ordered by Breezy Point Resort was mistakenly shipped to Pelican Rapids, which is over 100 miles west of Pelican Lake! The owners of the resort, concerned about this blatant lack of identity for their resort, and for the city, petitioned the city government for a name change. The town officials received a petition with 54 names at the October, 1969 meeting, and the new Ordinance #16 was adopted unanimously at the December, 1969 meeting. On January 5, 1970 council minutes reflect the name change from Village of Pelican Lakes to Village of Breezy Point. New signs were put up announcing Breezy Point and new stationery was ordered. Then per Mn. Statutes 413.02 Villages became Cities January 1, 1974. Thus the City of Breezy Point, Minnesota was created!